End of day célfie #demosfordays
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damn. you'll were cute though

huh? I don’t understand your grammar lol

TBT with my beautiful friends @ohmysarahshyy @pettypie I lost my heels that day so they were finally taller than me for once 😜

The Birthplace of Madness by Michael Vincent Manalo, 2013. Mixed-media, 80 x 57 cm.
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are you over your ex?

more than I’ll ever be


a flurry of emotions. as my time here across this country is drawing to an end, the more anxiety I have built up within me. it’s the kind where you feel constantly flustered, an itching gnawing feeling that eats away from within. starting over a new state in the beginning of summer, I’m no longer the same person, yet my the shell of my old life is waiting for me back home to don, but what if I can’t fit that mold anymore? what if—at the core, I’m no longer that person?

more than ever, I don’t know who I am, or who I want. why is it so hard saying goodbye even if it means going back to what’s familiar?

I’m always going to miss you; I’m always going to try to fill this hole you left inside my soul. 

jaded, as they say

Finale at Dior Spring 2010.
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who are all your posts about? (the relationship ones)

no one in particular. just missed connections, bad timing, being disappointed—those overall feelings

Why Unrequited Love Is Sometimes Better

From afar, I learned how “love”, despite its intangibility, is able to well up inside a person’s entire being. I felt like a millionaire with having so much love to give but there was nobody to receive it. It was like when Gatsby was hosting extravagant parties in the hope of Daisy showing up one night. All I wanted to do was to give, and give, and give although there was also this voice which was intermittently yelling for something back in return.